Scientific achievements and fundamental work of the department staff were repeatedly awarded diplomas and certificates from the Main Department of Education and Science of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration, organizers of regional exhibitions and fairs of scientific ideas and developments, etc.

The department is constantly preparing graduate students, and there are scientific and methodical seminars on the use of the latest information and telecommunication technologies in applied tasks and the educational process. Of course, the most prestigious achievement of the department are hundreds and thousands of specialists who work in various sectors of the national economy and have good computer knowledge thanks to the efforts of our teachers. Our graduate Vladimir Latkin - the winner of the contest "Young Architects of Ukraine" (2000).

Each teacher of the department involves in the research work of students, the result of which are printed scientific works and presentations at student scientific conferences.

It has already become a tradition to organize student computer science and information technology Olympiads at the academy each year. The best students go to the second round and defend the honor of the academy in other organizations and institutions.

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