Keep it up! Our students are Olympiad stars!


The best students of the department took part in a number of Olympiad on the specialty "Computer Science" and "System Engineering". Participation in such activities is a continuation of the learning process, expanding the worldview, giving the opportunity to communicate with new friends, is positively perceived and highly appreciated by HR managers in recruitment.
After winning the 1st stage of the Olympiad in the specialty "Computer Science", which took place in the walls of the University, students of the 3rd course SENG2015-1 group: Kolesova Katerina, Romanova Kristina and Lepetyukh Artyom took part in the 2nd round of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in the specialty " Computer Science »at the Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics.




In the Kharkiv National Aerospace University of M.E. Zhukovsky "Kharkiv Aviation Institute" held the 2nd round of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad on discipline "Informatics". In this Olympiad the students of the 3rd course SENG 2015-1 group Kolosova Katerina, Merezhko Mikhail, Lepetyukh Artem, as well as Prazybud Nikita, PUiA 2017-1 group took part.
At these Olympiads tasks were envisaged in accordance with the materials of the basic disciplines of the specialty "Computer Science": discrete mathematics, algorithmization and programming, object-oriented programming, probability theory, numerical methods, organization of databases and knowledge, computer networks, Operating Systems.




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The Kharkiv National University of Construction and Architecture held a Selected, Regional, Tour of the International Student Olympiad in Programming (ACM / ICPC).
The round of the Olympiad was as follows: each team is given a computer and from eight to twelve tasks, for five hours. Teams write solutions in programming languages ​​C, C ++, Java, etc. Then the participants send them to the testing server. The programs are tested on a large number of different input tests, unknown to the participants. If the program has given the wrong answer or did not invest in the time or memory limitation, then sent by its team will receive this message and may send the corrected version. The task is considered solved if the program has given the correct answers on all tests. Unlike other contests, partial decisions are not taken into account.




Two teams of students of AMaIT department participated in the Olympiad: 3rd course SENG2015-1 group, 2nd course SENG2016-1u group. 

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In a ceremonail atmosphere, the head of the AMaIT department, Novozhilova Marina Vladimirovna, presented to the teams certificates of participation in the qualifying round of the International Student Programming Contest (ACM / ICPC), with one of the teams having won the right to participate in the next, national, round of the Olympics.






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