Results of the 1st round of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Informatics and Programming Olympiad


The Department of Applied Mathematics and Information Technologies is the permanent organizer of the First Round of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad in Informatics and Programming at our University. This year the department received more than 50 applications for participation in competitions from 1-3 year students. Teachers prepared the task by sections of the following nominations: Excel section, section Access, section of programming (separately for the Olympiad on computer science and programming olympiad). On February 9, 2018, more than two hours of fierce competition in four computer classes revealed the best IT researchers at the University of 2018.
By unanimous decision of organizers and judges, and this is an assistant professor. Pogrebnyak BI, Assoc. Kostenko OB, Assoc. Fedorov MV, Assoc. Bulayenko MV, Ass. Senchuk T.S., Ass. Makogon N.V., places in nominations were distributed as follows:
In nomination MS Excel Informatics
1st place ZHUKOV Bogdan Sergeevich PUiA2017-1
2nd place KOC Oleg Viktorovich PUiA2017-1
3rd place ABRAMENKO Rodion Vladimirovich MBG2017-1u
3rd place DUBLYAK Vladislav Mykolayovych MBG2017-1u
In the nomination MS Access Informatics
1st place of PRAGUE CRAZY Nikita Valerijova PUiA 2017-1
2nd place LIFENKO Sergey Eduardovich TT 2016-1
3rd place ROSOKHA Yuliya Sergeevna MGKTS2017-1
In the nomination C ++ Informatics
1st place KOLOSOVA Katerina Sergienne SINZH 2015-1
2nd place Karpalyuk Anna Ihorivna KH 2016-1
3rd place RECKEL Konstantin Vitaliyovych KH 2017-1
3rd place BARANCHUK Igor Sergeevich KH 2016-1
In the nomination C ++ Programming
1st place LEPETYUKHA Artyom Gennadievich SINZH 2015-1
2nd place BABAK Alexander Vladimirovna SINZH 2015-1
3rd place MEREZHKO Mikhail Alexandrovich SINZH 2015-1
3rd place ROMANOV Khrystyna Sergeevna SINZH 2015-1
Participants and winners of the 1st round of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad on "Informatics" and "Programming" were announced with gratitude, the winners were awarded with certificates of honor.
The winners will be formed by a team presented by the University at the 2 nd round of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad on "Informatics" and "Programming".

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